'Mapping and Sewing Together Mythologies'
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  Sunday Orthodox Mass
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The bells ring at 09.00, and those who listen know that it is the start. The bells speak to people: they know it is time to go. Signe arrived in time to hear the bells near the entrance of the Cathedral. Andrew was stopped in his tracks on the early morning street after a swim. A black cat watches.

Actually before the bells began, Signe met a woman behind the Cathedral. The woman began to speak to her, noticing that she didnt cross herself in Orthodox fashion, and kindly urged to teach her the proper way. At the main entrance, it was suggested there do it- "No-one looks at you and thats the way it should be done". Bring your thumb and first two fingers together to make the Trinity. Make the action- touch the head, then the stomach, the right shoulder, then the left shoulder.


Inside, later in the ceremony, the priests open the doors. Smoke through morning sunlight. However, you can't see from whom the singing comes from as the choir is out of view.
Clear as tears.

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