'Mapping and Sewing Together Mythologies'
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  Hand Bells

Raivo studies at the music college in Liepaja, and works in the K@2 Soundlab. His teacher Ziemelis was asked to bring the church hand bells to record and sample for a net.radio broadcast. Encouraging like a taste of sound, we were in Baba Dusja's empire, when the hand bells called us out.

K@2 Soundlab harmonic choices

Picking up and holding the bells required white gloves, worn by numerous others. The ring action is joyful and infectious. He starts a simple rhythm, and the another responds. With different chords, but in harmony.

We move to the room surrounded by angels in the ceiling, and near to Baba Dusja's old space on 1st floor. This room hosted the first concert of the building.

After a test of swirls and flows, we finish collectively with a Latvian folk song for sleepy children.

movie (9 secs) .3gp