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Currently, when digital networks are the main focus point of a global society, the already existing human networks are often left disregarded. However the new communication technologies offer new exciting clues to make these structures visible.

One of the most tempting and motivating aspects of MILK for us is to develop a medium where Latgalian farmers can visualize and comment on their own relation to (usage of) space. Interaction between the hi-tech GPS device and the countryside situation will most likely lead to unique narrative possibilities, which will be completely different from an, for example, direct documentary approach. By approaching someone with the question if he/she wants to draw his/her route with the GPS device, brings up another conversation: in our eyes a special occasion for equal input from the participant. He/she him/herself decides what he/she would like to show; however meanwhile beeing confronted with unique self-reflection.

The visualization of the collected GPS data will be made possible with new software, developed especially for this project. The software will not focus on the REALTIME aspect, which was the main interest in project Realtime Amsterdam and Realtime Riga (where participants had the possibility to show the audience their urban traces at the moment itself) but will focus on a representation of time (where participants and the audience will be able to see a narrative in form of compressed time mooving image (5-15 min). This visualization technique will enable the participants to see their passed days directly, in their own environments and they will be able to give direct reactions.