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MILK is an artistic mapping project, which, by using GPS (Global Positioning Systems) technologies, maps out possibilities of time & space representation in individual routes of several small-scale Latvian milk farms and of milk transportation throughout Europe. It is a cooperation project between artist Esther Polak (NL) and researcher Ieva Auzina (LV) and was launched in July, 2003 in Latgale, Latvia in the framework of international workshop Locative media, organised by RIXC - Riga Centre for New Media Culture.

MILK is based on AmsterdamREALTIME. A diary in tracks, a project which was initiated by Esther Polak and developed in cooperation with the Waag Society and artist Jeroen Kee. This project was realized in the municipality archives of Amsterdam in October-November 2003.

Geography of MILK frames currently shifting EU terrain: from a destitute Latvian corner - Latgale, where the milk is produced as far as Netherlands and other EU countries, where the same milk is being consumed.
By turning collected GPS data into on-line atlas of maps, Ieva Auzina and Esther Polak in collaboration with software developer Markus The (NL) and RIXC would like to discover this peculiar milk net, its explicitly local stories and complex euro-global dimensions.

Esther Polak, Ieva Auzina, Markus The, RIXC

Esther Polak - epolak(at)
Ieva Auzina -ieva(at)